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What's included

  • Chrome Extensions: List of suggested 24 Chrome Extensions to use.

  • Prompt Engineering: 20 prompts for setting the parameters to help ChatGPT understand how to think the way you want it to think.

  • Act as a…: 60 role-based prompts to tell ChatGPT to impersonate a certain situation/task.

  • Content Creation: 96 prompts for creating a variety of content.

    Course Creation: 15 prompts

    Ebook Creation: 4 Prompts

    Workshop: 6 Prompts

    Rewrite Sales Letter: 3 Prompts

    Facebook Content: 5 Prompts

    Linkedin Content: 10 Prompts

    Twiiter Content: 10 Prompts

    Youtube Content: 9 Prompts

    Instagram Content: 9 Prompts

    TikTok Content: 4 Prompts

    Blog Content: 19 Prompts

    Viral Post Content: 2 Prompts

  • Social Media: 13 prompts for managing and growing social media presence.

  • Copywriting: 85 prompts using copywriting models to create compelling content.

    Copywriting Models

    Perfect Sales Page

    Landing Page

    Order Page


    Thank you Pages


    • Business: 107 prompts for setting business foundation.

      Business Plan

      Vision Statement

      Brand Values Innovative

      Business Ideas

      Hiring Meetings


      Build Your Entire Website

    • Ads: 88 prompts to create effective ads on different platforms.


      Perfect Ads

      Youtube Video Ad Script

      Google Ads Headlines

      TitkTok – Perfect Tiktok Ad Script

    • eCommerce: 62 prompts for managing and growing eCommerce.

      Product Development

      Product Name

      Store Homepage

      Product Display Page


      About Us

      Product Display Page Image

    • Email & SMS: 103 prompts for managing email & SMS marketing.

      Email Subject Lines

      Email Copy

      Onboarding Email

      Email Technical – Legal Compliance

      Cold Emails


      SMS Funnels

      SMS Marketing Campaigns