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What's included

  • Chrome Extensions: List of suggested 24 Chrome Extensions to use.

  • Prompt Engineering: 20 prompts for setting the parameters to help ChatGPT understand how to think the way you want it to think.

  • Act as a…: 60 role-based prompts to tell ChatGPT to impersonate a certain situation/task.

  • Content Creation: 96 prompts for creating a variety of content.

    Course Creation: 15 prompts

    Ebook Creation: 4 Prompts

    Workshop: 6 Prompts

    Rewrite Sales Letter: 3 Prompts

    Facebook Content: 5 Prompts

    Linkedin Content: 10 Prompts

    Twiiter Content: 10 Prompts

    Youtube Content: 9 Prompts

    Instagram Content: 9 Prompts

    TikTok Content: 4 Prompts

    Blog Content: 19 Prompts

    Viral Post Content: 2 Prompts

  • Social Media: 13 prompts for managing and growing social media presence.

  • Copywriting: 85 prompts using copywriting models to create compelling content.

    Copywriting Models

    Perfect Sales Page

    Landing Page

    Order Page


    Thank you Pages


  • Business: 107 prompts for setting business foundation.

    Business Plan

    Vision Statement

    Brand Values Innovative

    Business Ideas

    Hiring Meetings


    Build Your Entire Website

  • Ads: 88 prompts to create effective ads on different platforms.


    Perfect Ads

    Youtube Video Ad Script

    Google Ads Headlines

    TitkTok – Perfect Tiktok Ad Script

  • eCommerce: 62 prompts for managing and growing eCommerce.

    Product Development

    Product Name

    Store Homepage

    Product Display Page


    About Us

    Product Display Page Image

  • Email & SMS: 103 prompts for managing email & SMS marketing.

    Email Subject Lines

    Email Copy

    Onboarding Email

    Email Technical – Legal Compliance

    Cold Emails


    SMS Funnels

    SMS Marketing Campaigns

    • Funnel Optimization: 122 prompts to optimize your sales funnel.

      Sales Funnel

      Understand Your Audience

      Create a Clear Value Proposition

      Multiple Touchpoints

      Optimize Landing Pages

      Use Lead Magnets

      Nurture Leads

      Implement Marketing Automation

      Monitor & Analyze Results

      A/B Test Your Funnel

      Provide Excellent Customer Service

    • SEO: 102 prompts for SEO optimized content and practices. Step by Step Process 100% SEO Optimized Step 1 – Conduct keyword research

      Step 2 – Optimize website structure

      Step 3- Use descriptive and relevant URLs

      Step 4- Create high-quality content

      Step 5- Optimize on-page elements

      Step 6- Build high-quality backlinks

      Step 7 – Using social media for more traffic

    • Podcast: 7 prompts for creating and managing podcasts.

    • Affiliate Marketing: 111 step-by-step prompts for affiliate marketing.

    • Influencer Marketing: 106 prompts for managing influencer marketing.

    • Marketing Strategy: 101 prompts for developing marketing strategy.

      Define Your Objectives

      Know Your Audience

      Conduct a SWOT Analysis

      Develop a Customer Journey Map

      Leverage Multiple Channels

      Creating Compelling Content

      Optimize Your Website

      Measure Your Results

      Stay Up To Date Marketing Operations: 101 prompts for managing marketing operations.

    • Customer Service: 70 prompts for managing customer service.

    • Market Research: 124 prompts for conducting market research.

    • Customer Insights: 104 prompts for gathering and utilizing customer insights.

    • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): 107 prompts for Conversion Rate Optimization.

    • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): 201 prompts for CMO related tasks.

    • Objection Handling: 1 prompt for identifying and handling objections.

    • Advanced Prompts: 29 prompts for advanced prompt engineering.

      Defining Moment Story

      Writing for any media

      Irresistible Offer

      Product Analysis

      AI Generate MindMaps

      Business Analysis

      PR Outreach

      Logo Creation

      Midjourney (Image Creation)